People Watching

Why are people so interesting? Why do we find it fun to hang out in the mall or airport and just watch people the whole time? Why do we care so much what other people are doing or what they think of us?

I think it’s partly because we’re just human and other people interest us. We constantly compare ourselves to others whether consciously or not. That is why the fashion industry is so huge; because we always want to look good for others and we want people to think we look good. It helps our self-esteem.

I think it also has to do with our insecurity. Don’t you just love it when you see someone that seems to not be quite as “good” as you? It makes you feel better in a way. You may think, “I’m glad I don’t dress like her/him.” or, “I’m glad I’m more mature than that person”.

I think we should each one of us just be content with who we are and be thankful for what the Lord has given us.


~ by Chet on June 22, 2009.

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